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Cara Box – Fall Style


One of the blogs I read is Wifessionals. Kaitlyn is a beautiful new mama and started this exchange where 2 women were paired with one another and they sent each other a Cara Box.

In Kaitlyn’s words: It is a way to make friends, receive gifts and share encouragement.

So in early September we got our matches and set to getting to know the women we were paired with!

I sent my Cara box to another Kristin (even spelled the same!!). Kristin blogs over at A Slice of Mudpie.  It was so much fun getting to know her, reading about her adorable son and their many adventures. Hop on over to her blog to see what I sent to her! 🙂

I received my Cara Box from Kyetra. She blogs over at Sweet Tea and Lollipops! Kyetra and I were paired up a little late in the game because my initial partner had to drop out last minute because of family issues. But Kyetra emailed me a couple of times getting some info about me and she sent me a wonderful box!!

My favorite thing has to be the scarf. It is soft and rufflie (is that a word??) and works with so many things. LOVE LOVE it!!

She also sent me some Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix which is perfect for me to take with me to work, some yummy chocolates as a treat and some warm, fuzzy socks for these cold MN nights!

She also sent me this cool face mask, some lotion (which is already in my purse and missed the picture!!) and some lip moisturizer. And some thank you cards that look like little chalkboards. They are adorable!!

Let me tell you I was totally blessed by Kyetra’s gift. Thank you girl it is so appreciated!!

Oh and both Kristin and Kyetra are sponsoring an ornament exchange on their blogs – I LOVE those so if you are interested check them out and sign up soon!

If you haven’t ever participated in a Cara Box exchange before and are interested check out Kaitlyn’s blog because the Winter Box sign ups are in early December!!