31 Days of Fervent Prayer – The Real Enemy

Fervent Prayer

Ephesians 6:12  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

How many times have I fought the battle against the wrong enemy?

Unfortunately, too many times to count.

Priscilla says this about the enemy and his affect in our lives. “Success, to him, means stirring up discord in your home, your church, your workplace, your neighborhood, and doing it in such a  way that no one’s even aware he’s been in the building. He knows our natural, physical response is to start coming after each other instead of him – attacking, counterattacking, pointing fingers, assigning blame – while he sits out in the driveway monitoring the clamor inside, fiendishly rubbing his hands together, admiring just how adept he is…and what easy targets we are.” p 45

Oh how this truth makes my blood boil! Really it makes me angry!

I can know something but in the moment I don’t recognize it for what it is. I have long had the knowledge that the enemy seeks to hurt and destroy us…but I didn’t see how it was relevant in my life “moments.”

Reading Fervent has opened my eyes. Now I’m not saying that everything little thing is “the devil’s fault.” I know we live in a fallen world, and we ourselves are born sinners. Crap happens, it just does. But the point she is trying to drive home here in the chapter on Focus is that in those times we are fighting one another…maybe we need to step back and see who might be stirring up the discord in the first place.

So what can we do?!

We have talked about putting on our armor. Daily going to God in prayer and asking that He helps us suit up so that we are ready for battle.

We can’t expect to fight an enemy of a spiritual nature if we aren’t starting first with fervent prayer.

If you haven’t found them already, in the back of the book are blank prayer cards. When we did this book as a bible study at my church I encouraged the ladies to start getting in the habit of writing out their prayers.

Maybe it is a favorite verse or a short note about why you are praying for someone. It doesn’t take much time, but it is a tangible way to get in the habit of spending time in prayer. It is also another way that we can make a record of those prayers we have prayed and when we see the answer.

Priscilla says this “Prayer is a reminder to yourself, as well as a declaration to the enemy, that you know he’s there. That you are on to him. When you bring your concerns and fears and irritations to the Lord in prayer, you’re aligning your weakling spirit with the full force of God’s Holy Spirit. Instead of continuing to fail by taking the battle to the wrong people – you’re joining instead with all the power of heaven to take your fight directly to the source of the problem.” p44 

Truth right?! I love that visual that we are joining our weakling spirit with the full force of God’s Holy Spirit. So powerful.

It doesn’t have to be our battle alone. God can and will fight the battle with us. Go to Him in prayer and ask for His help. Yes there is an enemy that is seeking to cause hurt and discord in our marriages and families, but we don’t have to fight back alone! Praise God!

Lord, we thank you that you allow us the gift of your Holy Spirit. That we can come to you and trust that You will battle with us! That while we are weak, we know the power of Your Holy Spirit will make us strong. In Your Name and because of Your Name we can prevail over the attacks of the enemy. Give us discernment to know what our real fight is against. Give us humble and willing hearts to continue to seek You in all things. We love you Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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