31 Days of Seeking Him – Temporary

31 Days of Seeking Him

As the rains pelted down and threatened to thwart our outdoor plans I was frustrated. Why does it always seem like rain comes at the most inopportune times?

Living in a farming state, and working with mostly farming families I am well aware of the value of the rain. We had a period in the summer where it rained really hard for one day a week. Just enough soaking to encourage the crops to grow but not too much that would overwhelm the plants.

We need the rain, it nourishes and replenishes.

But sometimes it comes and I find myself upset with its timing. An outdoor picnic cancelled, a day stuck indoors.

With so many things though, it is temporary.

The storms roll in, the rain comes, the lightening crashes and the thunder roars and then as quickly as it came in…it moves one.

There have been times in my life that have felt like the storms have stalled out over my life. The raging is deadening and the water threatens to drown me. But always and without fail the storm passes and calmer times return.

In the middle of a crisis I can’t seem to remember that it is temporary.

I am stuck in the thick of it and upset. My focus becomes the storm, and I can’t see past it.

In hindsight I can say that every difficult season was temporary but one thing that was constant was God.

Through all of it, the rainy and the sunshine days, God has been with me. It is easy to see Him and feel Him when things are good. In the past though, during the hard I could only see the hard.

Seeking God with every bit of my being means seeing Him even in the dark parts. Recognizing that He IS there, He IS present and working. Remembering that every other storm that has come has been temporary and I was always able to see how He had a hand in my protection.

I don’t want to be a forever “hindsight girl”. I want to be the kind of believer that knows that she knows that she knows that God IS always with me. The trials are temporary but my God? He is forever.


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