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31 Days of Finding God – SECOND

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

CarToday’s prompt is Second!

I have struggled all day to come up with what to write about in regards to the word prompt for today. I had a few ideas but the felt so forced. I thought that I might have to skip a day…and then God opened my eyes once again.

Today Dominic and I went to pick up Karlena from dance. As we were leaving the parking lot Dominic told me to stop. Behind us was a women who was attempting to back up and as she started to move he noticed that she had a terribly flat tire.

He jumped out of the car and went over to her. She didn’t speak english well, but he pointed out her tire and she said she would just drive to a gas station and fill it up.  He told her that  she shouldn’t drive on it or she would risk ruining the tire completely. We have a portable compressor at home so he offered to go get it and come back to help her.

I hadn’t even noticed her there. If I had been alone at that pickup  I would have driven away, completely unaware.

How often are we given opportunities to see and yet we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we miss it?

We came back with the compressor but it became apparent that the tire wouldn’t hold air. So he offered to put on her spare tire instead.

Changing a tire isn’t an easy job, but even Karlena got in on the fun.

Car 1

Of course, as it seems with most jobs, things didn’t go as planned. One of the lug nuts was stripped so he couldn’t put them all back on.

Car 4

Once it was on as best as he could make it, he offered to follow her home so we made sure she made it there safely.

I was so proud of him.

And I don’t write this post just to brag about him. (Even though I think he is pretty awesome)

Even more than that I was so aware of how in that moment Dominic put his plans, his time, second to help someone else in need.

God gives us opportunities to do this all the time.

But how often am I too busy, too rushed, to self-consumed to notice that there might be someone in need?

Today by my husbands simple actions I was reminded once again that I need to live my life with my eyes open. Watching, seeking, and praying that God would put people in my path so that I might have a chance to be a light.

We have been given so much, and of whom much has been given, much is required.

I don’t want to miss it because I am so focused on me, me, me. Lord help me to put my needs, my wants, second and to focus on shining Your light to those around me.

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In Him, Kristin

31 Days of Finding God – FEAR

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

Fear Graphic

Today’s prompt is Fear!

I have struggled with fear for longer than I can remember not struggling with it.

It takes on different shapes and sizes, both rational and irrational.

It might be the fear of something terrible happening to my children, believing the “worst case scenario” when Dominic can’t answer the phone when he is travelling, fear that I will fail, or our business will, fear that I don’t and won’t measure up. Most of these are pretty crazy, but all something that I have dealt with over time.

So what can we do? I know that the enemy uses lies to manipulate me into being more fearful and it has to stop!!

When we are filled with fear we need to respond by arming ourselves with the truth! (<====Click to Tweet)

The best way that I have found to arm myself with truth is to look to the Bible for what God says about fear.

Deuteronomy 31:6 –  “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

God goes WITH us. ALWAYS. Even when we are afraid and feel alone, God IS there.

Psalm 27:1 – “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

Having an understanding of who God is, how great His power and majesty is…knowing that He is the stronghold of my life should bring comfort shouldn’t it?!

Hebrews 13:6 – “The Lord is my helper, I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

Yes we will have troubles in this world, the Bible says that too. But ultimately I should be putting my faith in what I know. God has redeemed me through the blood of Christ. No one can take that away from me. People may slander my name or bring harm to me or my family…but in the end I WILL spend eternity with my Savior, my helper and stronghold. The God that goes before me is with me until the end.

Today that brings me peace.

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In Him, Kristin

31 Days of Finding God – HONOR

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

Noah 1

Today’s prompt is Honor!

Honoring God is not something I do well. Especially when I am being asked to do something hard or seemingly impossible.

My pull would probably be to act in a dishonorable way, repent and seek to do it right the second time around. : /

In the Bible we have an example of someone who was a very honorable man of God.


Noah 4

I was recently sent a children’s book to review by Handlebar Marketing. Noah is a wordless picture book for children and adults alike. The pictures on each page are stunning.

Because there aren’t any words, it allows the opportunity for the reader to share the story in their own words. While I know the “traditional” story of Noah, I wanted to re-read it in Genesis again with fresh eyes. See Genesis 5:32-10:1 to read the entire story for yourself!

First of all, the story starts that Noah was 500 years old when he fathered his 3 boys. How had I never remembered that?!

Second it talks about how wicked man had become. Men and women that weren’t honoring God and God regretted that he had created man. BUT Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

Because Noah had lived in an honorable way, righteous and blameless in God’s sight, God came to Noah and said that He was going to send a flood that would wipe out all humanity, all creatures. He then asked Noah (who was over 500 years old!!!) to build an ark.

What I found new in this story (to me ) was that God was very specific with Noah, specific about the size, the rooms and levels. The animals that he was to bring with. While the request may have seem crazy, God guided every step!

Noah 2

The Bible says that when the flood waters came Noah was 600 years old! The animals came that the Lord commanded and God shut them in the ark. And the waters prevailed for 150 days. Noah sent a dove out to find dry land, once the dove returned with an olive branch Noah knew that there would once again be dry land.

Noah 3

Once on dry land, Noah being an honorable man, gave up a burnt offering to God and God was pleased and made a covenant with Noah and future generations.

Genesis 9: 9-11 “Behold, I establish my covenant with you and your offspring after you,  and with every living creature that is with you, the birds, the livestock, and every beast of the earth with you, as many as came out of the ark; it is for every beast of the earth.  I establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of the flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.”

Sometimes making the right choice is hard. We may have to work, to trust God in the unknown, follow His plan even when it feels crazy or impossible. But when we do, we honor God. And like Noah we will be richly blessed because of it.

This book would be a beautiful addition to your children’s library. What a fun way to tell this important about being honorable to God, to your children.

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In Him, Kristin

**Disclosure – I received a copy of Noah from Handlebar Marketing for free in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions expressed here are my own.**

31 Days of Finding God – TASTE

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

Taste and see

Today’s prompt is Taste!

Can I be honest with you for a moment?

I REAAALLLY don’t like difficulty. I know, who does right?! But oh how I struggle most in my faith during these times.

I read stories of women who’s first response to crisis is “God is good, He is still the same…I will trust Him.”

My typical first response is “Why me God?!”

And then as I was reading on  Psalm 34:8: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!  Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!”, I was challenged by a idea. “Make a trial, an inward, experimental trial of the goodness of God. You cannot see except by tasting for yourself; but if you taste you shall see.”

You cannot see except for tasting yourself. (<====Click to Tweet)

As I ruminate on those words I can think of many times in my life that I did face a struggle and in hindsight I was able to see where God was working, involved.

Yes it is usually in hindsight, because my natural response has been “why me?!”, I don’t always see and feel God’s presence with me in the thick of the struggle. It isn’t because God is not there, it is likely because my focus is on the problem not the solution.

My faith has grown BECAUSE of the trials I have gone through. (<====Click to Tweet)

I had to taste God’s hand in my life to be able to fully see His goodness.

So while I don’t always appreciate the struggle, I have found more about God through those times than other times in my life. And for that I am grateful.

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In Him, Kristin

31 Days of Finding God – LONG

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

Fall 2

Today’s prompt is Long!

Today after I picked the kids up from daycare we took a little detour on the way home. I had seen the tree pictured above on a street nearby and wanted to see it again before all the leaves fell off.

It is a magnificent tree. Beautiful red leaves, shining in the sun. It is one of the things I love most about this time of year.

It is also a reminder that winter is close on our tails. If I am complaining about the 40 degree weather predicted for tomorrow what am I going to do when it is 10 below?!

You see there always seems to be a longing in my spirit for something more. Do you ever feel that too?

If it is hot, I long for the cooler weather. If it is cold, I long for the warmth of the summer sun. It seems as though I am one who will never be satisfied.

I find this true in so many areas of my life….feeling that longing for more and a dissatisfaction with what I do have.

But that isn’t how God calls us to live is it?

He wants us to find our hope, our security, our comfort and happiness in Him. No matter what is going on around us.

Instead of longing for what I don’t have, what I think I may want or need to make me feel better, I should look for all of the reasons that I have to be grateful.

A supportive family, a successful business, opportunities to connect with people from our church, exciting adventures ahead for our oldest son, Allume right around the corner!!! 😉

All blessings. Each and every one of them.

As I seek to know God more, I am praying that the longings of my heart would be centered around a deeper knowledge of Him.

That I would count my blessings more often than I count my wants. That I would seek to have a heart that gives unconditionally out of love for others and seeks to be a blessing because I have been so richly blessed.

Yes my heart longs for more, but may my longing be to find God in each moment of my day. Because there I believe I will be filled completely.

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In Him, Kristin

31 Days of Finding God – ADJUST

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!


Today’s prompt is Adjust!

This year has been a year of changes. Our business has grown and we have been steadily busy since before the first of the year. Isaac, our oldest, will be turning 18 in a little over a month and is facing some big decisions soon.

This is my first experience with helping a child get ready for college and it is daunting! Hats off to those that have gone before me…especially my parents because apparently I didn’t make the transition easy for them! :/

But there are big adjustments that will be taking place, and so many choices to be made.

Tomorrow Dominic and I are going with Isaac to another college visit. He has been to 2 others, and accepted. But this school is another that has a quality Pharmacy program, and since Isaac is looking at that as his primary choice right now, we want to explore all the options!

As a mother I want this to be easy for him. I don’t want to see him struggle…but I can’t make it all perfect for him even if I want to.

So how do we help our kids with these major life adjustments?

PRAYER, and lots of it! 🙂

Today I completed the first round of Mark Batterson’s 40 Day Prayer Challenge. 

I say first round because I plan on starting over from the beginning and doing it again. It has been life changing. So when I started I committed to praying for Isaac for 40 days. Praying that God would guide his path, give him clarity about God’s plan for his life, strengthen Isaac with wisdom and knowledge and give him confidence in his choices.

I have become even more convinced that we HAVE to be in constant prayer over our kids.

With each phase of life they will face new adjustments, more choices, difficult decisions and while I can talk at them, share my experience and try to be a guide…the reality is that just like me, they will ultimately have the free will to go and make their own decisions.

So covering them in prayer is just another round of defense, if you will. An opportunity to give back to God the child we have been given to parent, and trust that He will guide them on His path.

I know it won’t always be easy, sometimes the adjustments are painful as we grow, but when we follow God’s plan, ultimately we know that we will succeed because He gives us the power to do so.

I pray that for Isaac and wait in anticipation and excitement to see where God will take him!

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In Him, Kristin

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

31 Days of Finding God – LIFE

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!


Today’s prompt is Life!

Today, October 15, is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. For every mother reading this that has lost a baby too soon, please know that I am praying for you.

We too lost a pregnancy to miscarriage. It was heartbreaking. HEARTBREAKING.

Yes we had 2 kids already at that point. Yes getting pregnant proved that we COULD get pregnant, but losing that baby was so hard on my mama heart.

Today I celebrate Life.

A life that was gone too soon. I celebrate life with the mama’s who have had babies that died shortly after birth. I celebrate life with the mama’s that never had a chance to hold their little ones. I celebrate life with the women who have carried the burden of loss in silent for years and years because it wasn’t something that you talked about.

Every baby lost is a life that matters. Every,Single.One. (<====Click to Tweet)

To my dear friend Mel who is grieving a recent loss, know that your baby’s life matters. Today I honor your little one that was taken too soon.

To my sweet friend Suzanne, who I met because we each lost a baby around the same time…your eight angels in heaven are remembered. And while I know your heart is full with your two sons, today is a day especially that can be hard to remember the loss that occurred.

Unfortunately I know so many that have walked this same road….I wish that wasn’t the case.

October 24th 2008 would have been my due date. February 19th was the day I had to give up that dream. Dates that are forever burned into my heart. A mama doesn’t forget.

Until I experienced a loss myself, I had no idea why it was such a big deal. I probably said those things that people said to me, because they just want to make it better.

But for us mamas, a small piece of our hearts were lost when we said goodbye…so we move forward changed, don’t we?

Today I thank God for the gift of life. Even when it is short. And I say a prayer for each woman reading that might have lost a little one themselves. If you have lost a baby would you please leave me a comment so that I can specifically pray for you by name.

It is an honor to celebrate the lives of your children. And I do so with the anticipation and hope of heaven when someday we will be reunited.

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In Him, Kristin

Photo Credit: L.C. Nottassen

31 Days of Finding God – AWAY (Some Allume Pre-Conference Fun)

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

Allume 2013 Today’s prompt is Away!

In a week from tomorrow I am heading on a little vacation of sorts – I am going away to Allume!! And the best part about all of it is that I will get some time to fellowship with some of the most amazing women I know.

Allume 2013

Women that get me, that pray for me and my family…women that encourage and laugh with me. Women that I didn’t really know even 2 years ago that have now become fast friends.

Holley and I!

Yep, I getting away. Leaving on a jet plane from an airport I haven’t been at in years, and never alone….so I am a bit nervous about that but for the most part I can’t wait to get away and surround myself with these beautiful women!

So in the interest of a little fun I thought I would share some of my best tips for enjoying a conference like this and how you can get the most out of your time away!!

1) Share a room! Last year I shared a room with several women and at the time I didn’t really know any of them really well. Yes it was scary at first, but these women have become some of my best friends and except for 1 new addition this year (yay Mandy!!) we are all rooming together again!

2) Bring a power strip and an extension cord. As is typical at a writer/blogger conference, most everyone has a cell phone and a computer…possibly an iPad so lots of spaces to charge your devices is helpful. Bring a power cord so there isn’t a shortage, and I brought an extension cord so that i could use my curling iron in the room easier. (Have you ever noticed that IF there is an extra mirror in the room that there isn’t an outlet nearby!

3) Pack layers. I am cold by nature so I always pack several layers. I would rather be able to take a sweater/jacket off than sit freezing all weekend.

4) Be flexible! I went last year with a lot of “must do this” ideas…and quite frankly when I got there so many of those went out the window and were replaced with time for laughter and fellowship. The keynote speakers were great and the breakout sessions were as well, but nothing topped spending time with friends in community.

5) Spend time connecting with a cause that you love. Last year my plan for attending Allume was to grow my blog, and get tips for building my platform. And what I walked away with was a heart to give more, give back to others. What a gift that was for me. Realizing that it isn’t all about me, but more about what God can use me for in His greater purpose, for His glory….well that was life altering!

6) Give yourself the ability to take breaks. 450 women around for 3+ solid days can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are an introvert like me! If you need to steal away to your room for awhile, it’s ok!! I missed a session last year because of a bit of a stomach ache…but Mel and I got some quality time together just hanging out in the room – priceless!

7) Don’t be afraid to talk to someone you don’t know! We are all in the same boat, women who likely feel a little nervous and unsure…if you see someone alone – approach them, take time to get to know them. On the shuttle to the hotel last year a women recognized me and knew my name. I was surprised but felt such a peace because of her warm welcome. Debi that will always be a gift you gave to me last year – thank you!!

8) Worship freely. The worship time was a favorite of mine. As someone who grew up in a church that doesn’t have “hand raisers”…coming to a conference where women are worshiping freely can feel a little intimidating. But I can say from experience that giving myself the freedom to worship unashamed, allowed me to just experience God’s presence even more.

9) Attend a meet-up. Last year I attended a couple of different meet-ups. This is an opportunity to meet like-minded women who either participate in a group like Hello Mornings, or blog for a specific cause. This year the God-sized Dream website team is hosting a meet-up!! All the details can be found here, but if you are a dreamer and want to join us we would love the opportunity to pray for you and will you!!

10) Bring a LARGE suitcase. Let’s just be honest here, packing light just doesn’t happen. Even when I am trying to pair down my shoes or my jeans…5 days away (I am flying in on Wednesday and out on Sunday) is a lot and a small suitcase just won’t cut it. And with all the amazing swag that you go home with, and all the vendors that will be available to purchase from…you are going to want the space. Trust me on this one! My bag weighed EXACTLY 50 pounds going home last year. All God that I wasn’t over!

I have been waiting for Allume since last year, and counting the weeks down since I saw my GSD girls in Houston in April. Getting away, even for a short time can just rejuvenate the soul! Are you attending Allume? What is your favorite thing to do to get away, even if it is for a short time?!

If you are attending please let me know – I would love to connect while we are there! 🙂

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In Him, Kristin

31 Days of Finding God – WORK

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

Colossians 3 17

Today’s prompt is Work! 

Our pastor has been preaching about “Our Work, God’s Glory” the past several Sundays. I was excited for this series because this is one area that I struggle.

How do I make my work matter for God?

I am not in the ministry, how can I really make a difference, and does my work matter to God?

I believe that God has blessed this business that Dominic and I do together. It has been a whirlwind, crazy 3 years and we have seen God take our feeble prayers for something more and turn them into something greater than we ever hoped and imagined.

We try to do the very best for our clients, being kind and respectful. Caring for their feelings and needs as they make some difficult decisions…but those are all things that I should be doing regardless right?! So how can doing what is “expected” of me make a difference in God’s kingdom?

We have been referencing Colossians 3:17  throughout this series….“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” 

God set the example for us. He was the first to work when He created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. He created Adam and Eve to work and care for the garden and all of the animals in it.

But God didn’t want us to be alone, so He walks alongside of us. Guiding us if we will allow it. When I think about God being a part of every moment of my day, including the mundane work that I sometimes do, I am grateful.

The small things we do matter to God. (<====Click to Tweet)

The little things, like offering up a prayer for a client DOES make a difference.

God has blessed our business so that we now can be a blessing to others. So we pray about how and where we can be help to someone else and we thank God for the provision to be able to meet a need.

I worked in a Bank for 13 years. I loved the people way more than I ever loved the jobs I did. But I spent those 13 years feeling like a failure in a way because I didn’t see that I was making a difference.

I felt like if God wanted to use me He would have to put me in a position of ministry leadership. (As if during this time I could have handled such a responsibility – Ha!)

But today I can see how the hard, and at times boring work trained me for this time. I learned so much that has made this transition together in a new business much easier.

What you do every day matters.

Whether you work outside of the home or spend your days teaching your children. Your work matters. Try not to believe the lie that you are not important to God, that what you do isn’t “good enough” to be used by Him.

Because the lies come, don’t they?

Maybe it is just me, but all too often I hear in my head all the ways I have failed…but if we hold on to the Truths of the Bible and work strong in the promise that in the end our inheritance comes from the Lord, we can find peace and joy in whatever role God has placed us in!

Colossians 3: 23-24 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

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In Him, Kristin

31 Days of Finding God – REST

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!

rest here

Today’s prompt is Rest! 

Resting is not something that comes easily to me. I know that probably sounds crazy, but I rarely take time to sit down and just relax.

Take today for instance, we got home from church and had lunch and then Dominic asked me what I wanted to do today.

The truth was I just wanted to lay on the couch and watch reruns of “Say Yes to the Dress”, but instead I started thinking about the list of things that I probably should do instead….

Laundry, can salsa, make the dessert for small group, vacuum, deal with the quickly aging nectarines in the fridge, build shelves in the garage and basement…the list goes on and on.

And so instead of finding time for rest we go, and go, and go.

It can make us so weary can’t it?

If I take an afternoon and just do mindless sitting I feel guilty. Do you find yourself feeling that way too?

But even God rested. After creating the planet and everything in it, God rested on the 7th day.

So why is it so hard for us to do the same?

I think that as a society we have come to find our worth in all that we do. If we are busy we must be doing something right.

But one can only run at that pace for so long before it takes a toll on the body, mind and spirit.

Today I am challenging myself to finding rest. It may not be every day, but I think it is important to slow down at times and just be still.

It will be a fight for me because it doesn’t come naturally, but I think that if I can embrace rest more I will find that it will refresh my heart and soul. And quite frankly I need that. Don’t we all?!

Do you find it easy to make time for rest? What is your favorite thing to do – I’d love to hear and then maybe just maybe I will try some of your tips for myself!! 🙂

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In Him, Kristin

Photo Credit: Oliver Kendal