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Find Yourself Some Quality Peeps!

I am not talking about the marshmallow chicks here – I am talking about people that you can surround yourself with.

Community – we all need it. And yet, if you are anything like me, while I long for it – I shy away from true community.

Why? Because it can be scary!!

Because behind the mask of perfection that I like to wear is a broken, messy, desperate-at-times woman. And if I get involved in true community – you all might just see the “real” me….and that is scary!

What if the truth makes you all not like me. Then I find myself back in the 6th grade, sitting at home alone on a Friday night the only girl not invited to the best boy-girl party of the year….not that something like that happened to me – but if it did it would be terrible! ūüėČ

But I have found something amazing as I have stepped lightly into the pool of “community”….there are some awesome, real, honest women out there that are just like me. Well maybe not JUST like me – but who “get” me – the real me AND want to invite me to the party of the year too!

Specifically, I have been involved with a small group of women that I have met as a part of this God Sized Dream Team. We have created a place where we can encourage one another, share¬†burdens¬†and prayer requests…it has been such a blessing!

These ladies are my peeps.

And they are lovely. And while I have a hard time sharing ;), I wanted to introduce you to these beautiful women. They each blog and I know that if you get to know them, you will love them like I do!!

Click on their links below and leave them some love. (None of them asked me to do this….I just am so blessed I needed to share the love!)

Alecia, a wonderful encourager, blogs at There’s Something Different.

Elise’s beautiful heart can be found at Our Stories God’s Glory.

Christine, a true sister at heart, shares her life at Living Joel 2:25.

Kristin, a sweet friend, with an (i) no less!!!, blogs at 152 Insights to My Soul.

Lisa has an incredible story and can be found at Life after the Shore.

Mel, my future BFF and Allume roommate, writes at A Barefoot Life.

Elizabeth Anne has some very funny stories to share over at Seasons with Soul.

Chelle lifts us up with encouragement and prayer and writes at Treat Me To A Feast.

and last – but¬†certainly¬†not least…

Gindi, has a loving and caring heart and blogs at Gindi’s – A Refreshing Spot for Working Women of Faith.

Over the next several months you may see these ladies here in this space. ¬†We will be doing some “guest posts” and I know that you will be blessed by each of them.

While my peeps don’t live in my same community – we have found ways to lift one another up, offer prayer and encouragement. If you don’t have a group of people that can do this for you….pray about it and then open your heart to finding¬†community.

And get ready for an amazing ride!!




Why your dream is worth it!

Today I am linking up again with Holley and the rest of the God-sized dream team to talk about “Why is your dream worth pursuing, fighting for and seeing through no matter what happens?”

Chasing our dreams can be tough. Often there are roadblocks and it can feel like fighting for our dreams is just too much.

If you are anything like me some of my biggest roadblocks are those lies that I have chosen to believe over time. Lies that keep me “stuck” and not moving forward.

Have you heard those whispers?

“You can’t do this”, “It will never work”, “You aren’t smart enough, or good enough, or valuable enough”…

But you know what I am learning?

That I am enough!

I can do this!

I do have something to offer….

And guess what friend?


You want to know why your dream is worth it?

Because God designed it just for you! He has a plan and a purpose for your life. And He loves you so much! In Him and through Him ALL things are possible!

Even those dreams that feel out of reach!

We have to stop believing the lies that we aren’t valuable to God. That our “past” can’t be overcome.

This weekend we celebrated the Resurrection of Christ – and if there is one thing we should remember about Easter is that our past was overcome LONG ago. At the cross our “past”, our sin and our shame were wiped clean.

Don’t believe the lies that your dream isn’t worth it.

Move forward in full confidence that God has you right where you are, at this moment, for a specific purpose.

Give yourself the freedom to dream.

Trust in God’s perfect timing and believe in yourself!



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